Get Book One of the Blood Chord series FREE!

Amazon has decided to mark the price of KILL ME (Blood Chord #1) all the way down to $0.00, so swing by and grab your copy of the novel for free!

Kill Me on Amazon = FREE eBook

I have no idea how long they will keep it at free, so don’t dawdle! Oh, and feel free to tell your friends to get a copy too!

From the Author:

I adore paranormal novels and cut my reading teeth on Anne Rice’s books back in the day. When I started this novel, it was because I’d never quite found the book I wanted to read– one with a heroine more like myself. Not super-young and carefree, but a little more mature with a life and responsibilities.

A Vampire soccer-mom. A Witch with a crumbling marriage. A vulnerable Empath in a strip club.   Crazy, I know. But fabulous fun to craft. I hope you have as much fun reading Kill Me as I did writing it!
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2 thoughts on “Get Book One of the Blood Chord series FREE!

  1. What wordpress plugin do you utilize to control the
    social buttons? Do you add those manually or what? Every one I have tried out doesn’t work and creates a broken page. I know I’m doing something wrong.
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    • For the buttons at the top, my theme has those built in… for anything in the sidebar, most often I have to do it manually by displaying a picture hosted elsewhere (photobucket is what I use for that) and inserting a link to where I want it to lead to. Hope that makes sense!

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