Get Book One of the Blood Chord series FREE!

Amazon has decided to mark the price of KILL ME (Blood Chord #1) all the way down to $0.00, so swing by and grab your copy of the novel for free!

Kill Me on Amazon = FREE eBook

I have no idea how long they will keep it at free, so don’t dawdle! Oh, and feel free to tell your friends to get a copy too!

From the Author:

I adore paranormal novels and cut my reading teeth on Anne Rice’s books back in the day. When I started this novel, it was because I’d never quite found the book I wanted to read– one with a heroine more like myself. Not super-young and carefree, but a little more mature with a life and responsibilities.

A Vampire soccer-mom. A Witch with a crumbling marriage. A vulnerable Empath in a strip club.   Crazy, I know. But fabulous fun to craft. I hope you have as much fun reading Kill Me as I did writing it!

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